At Reveal, we can tell you about the true state of your assets and your subsurface infrastructure. It’s vital information you need to know.

1. Your risks – managed

We help you manage the many risks involved with the subsurface environment.

2. Your assets – understood

We save you time and effort understanding your own assets and the condition they are in. This helps you to make better asset management decisions.

3. Your health & safety obligations – met

We identify Health & Safety risks related to your subsurface environment. And we provide the best practice solutions to manage these risks.

4. Your stakeholders – happy

The asset details and conditions we collect help you reduce disruption, and the stakeholder & media impact from failure events.

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that all projects affected by subsurface infrastructure are managed appropriately using industry best practice techniques and the best technologies to create good commercial outcomes for our clients.

We assist our clients every working day in managing the way in which subsurface infrastructure affects their day to day operations.
Reveal utilises the latest technologies and has the expertise to partner with large corporates, SMEs, and individuals who understand the many benefits of proactively managing all subsurface infrastructure.
Managing your subsurface infrastructure

The benefits:

> Ensure the safety of your workforce and the public
> Minimise and reduce utility damage
> Minimise and reduce project delays
> Mitigate the costs of damage
> Identify project constraints at the design and planning stages of a project
> Enjoy cost savings with producing as-built records
> Promoting good relationships and protecting reputations.

Reveal is staging growth for an increased national presence. We’re ready to provide professional services, technical support and site services across the country.