We provide the following concrete scanning activities

Reinforcing, void, depth & utility investigations

We can help you to locate conduit, post tension cables and reinforcing steel and identify anomalies or voids in concrete surfaces. We help engineers at the design stage of projects and we assist contractors who carry out the work to avoid costly mistakes when cutting concrete.

It’s essential to understand what is embedded in or beneath concrete before you begin cutting or coring concrete slabs, walls, ceilings, roofs and other structures.

We analyse and communicate the data captured from the concrete surface as well as reducing the risk associated with concrete penetrations.

  • Reinforcing mark-out / mapping
  • Void detection
  • Penetration clearance
  • Buried features mapping
  • Slab thickness assessment

Reinforcing mark-out / mapping
We can assist with the location and verification of reinforcing steel and cable positions within concrete slabs for both avoidance and structural design purposes.

Void detection
We have a large amount of experience investigating the presence of subsurface voids beneath concrete floor slabs of both residential and commercial buildings.

Penetration clearance
We do high frequency ground penetrating radar investigations to locate reinforcing steel, post tension cables and in-slab services for safe concrete cutting or drilling.-

Slab thickness assessment
We can investigate concrete slab and foundation thickness across the extent of the slab, including the production of verified detailed thickness maps across the entire slab.
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