Current vacancies
Here’s where we advertise our current vacancies. These roles typically include: Project Managers, Consultants, Geophysicists, Data Scientists, Software Developers and Engineers. If there are no roles at present, please contact us with your credentials, because things change quickly and we’re always looking for new talent.
We've got a full team right now, but we're growing all the time - so watch this space for upcoming roles.
Why join Reveal?
At Reveal we’re looking for the best people from around Australasia to join our team. You’ll be expected to enjoy autonomy and start delivering value from day one. The three attributes you should be looking for are:

 Interesting / challenging work
 Great team / flat structure
 Are you independent, smart, hungry?
Meet our Graduates
We maintain close relationships with some of New Zealand’s most revered tertiary institutions. Meet some recent graduates who’ve joined the Reveal team:

Alex Fersterer-Gawith
Taine Richardson
Get in touch
Let us know your area of expertise and the kinds of projects you’d like to work on. We’re also happy to consider sponsoring and cosponsoring certain research projects and post-graduate study in the following areas:

 Engineering
 Geophysics
 Geology
 IT / Data science
 Software development
Interesting, challenging, work
We work all around the country on a range of projects of all shapes and sizes. You’ll be out in the field one week, doing analysis another week, helping win new business and expected to help become a leader in your area of expertise.

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Great team / flat structure
We operate a meritocracy at Reveal. While experience is vital for some jobs, you’ll be given a lot of responsibility for your own projects from day one. We’re all in this together, and many brains are always better than one. We share ideas, problems and challenges in real-time – so there’s no such thing as feeling stuck, isolated or unsupported.

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Are you independent, smart and hungry?
Basically we’re just looking for smart people who want to solve tough problems and like being challenged in their work. We’ve developed a reputation for new approaches to old problems. If you want to be part of the next generation of thinking in asset management and geophysical innovation, we should definitely talk. 

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