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Pavement Thickness Assessment & Utility Mapping
CLIENT: Fulton Hogan, Wellington
LOCATION: Wellington, NZ

Scope of project and delivery
We undertook GPR investigations to determine the pavement thickness and underground service positions to aid reconstruction of a portion of the airport taxiway.

Utility Surveying
CLIENT: Mitton Electronet
LOCATION: Taranaki, NZ 

Scope of project and delivery
The scope of this project was to provide Mitton Electronet with an understanding of the underground utilities present within the scope area at HWA substation as part of a new 33 kV indoor switchroom design. In addition to surveying utilities, Reveal provided Mittons with a topographical survey of the site and a conflict analysis of the utilities detected during the investigation.

The project was undertaken over a week in July with Utility Surveyor Jit and Graduate Utility Surveyor Alex undertaking the utility locating and Geophsyicist Jordan completing the utility surveying and laser scanning of the site. The survey data processing was completed by Jordan and asset management consultant Phill assisted with the conflict analysis and delivering of the GIS Plans. Senior Geophyicist Callum provided a quality assurance role for the deliverables making this project a real team effort! There were a large number of utility conflicts identified on this site which was likely due to a recent upgrade of the site which has changed the positions of underground utilities.

This project was completed in parallel with a similar project at Opunake Substation.
Reveal services used:
Utility Surveying
Laser Scanning
Subsurface Utility Engineering and Three Waters As-built Standards/Nationwide
CLIENT: Transpower

Scope of project and delivery
Reveal were directly appointed to develop an as-built standard for three water assets for one of New Zealand’s largest asset owner/infrastructure organisations. This was a significant step for our client as it represented their increasing awareness of and commitment to the importance of maintaining quality, fit for purpose, accurate, up to date and reliable asset data, and highlighted the need for consistency between separate data systems.

As this piece of work had a wide reach in terms of stakeholders and technology and the potential for disruption once implemented, to facilitate the success of the project, Reveal made a decision to involve an extensive array of stakeholders (both external and internal) in the scoping and requirements gathering stages. This initiative was led as a top down and bottom up exercise with the approach leading to maximum buy-in from the stakeholder group. Gaps were determined between the current as-is status and the desired future state of the client organisation and work packages developed to meet these.
In developing and implementing the as built standard for our Client, Reveal’s approach also embedded a considerable amount of our Intellectual Property into the as built standard. This was for the betterment of the client and wider industry. Considering Reveal is recognised as sector leaders in the Subsurface Utility Engineering space, the client was able to directly benefit from this.
SBAS Testbed
CLIENT: Australian & New Zealand Governments
LOCATION: Christchurch, NZ 

Scope of project and delivery
Reveal were heavily involved in an initiative lead by the Australian and New Zealand governments to test a revolutionary satellite-based augmentation service (SBAS) that is intended to fit in the prosumer sectors of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) market. The team were the first in the world to have access to these new signals that will eventually democratise the specialist surveying profession, especially in the utilities and engineering sectors reducing the need for specialist equipment and highly skilled operators.

SBAS works when a specially designed GNSS antenna receives a signal and a simultaneous corresponding correction signal directly from orbiting satellites. This removes the need for various other components of infrastructure including hardware, licences and software without compromising accuracy.

Reveal designed a rigorous testing environment for the express purpose of determining how the new signals would perform in challenging environments and for different types of surveying tasks, all while pitching them against Reveal’s state of the art GNSS surveying equipment as a comparison.

During the latter stages of the project Reveal coordinated with Ernst and Young to assist with determining the economic value the signals would bring to the economy in the preparation of a report being released to New Zealand and Australian Governments. As well as this, Reveal presented findings at the 2018 New Zealand Institute of Surveyors annual conference.

3D modelling as-built asset management of plant in multi levelled factory complex
LOCATION: Dunedin, NZ 

Scope of project and delivery
Reveal were directly appointed to assist our client (one of New Zealand’s largest in the primary industry sector) in undertaking an as built 3D model of one of Dunedin’s key dairy plants contained in 6 storey factory complex. Our client had purchased the plant and at the time of Reveal’s appointment was about to dissemble and relocate the plant within New Zealand.

Following on from previous work with our client we were asked specifically to undertake a 3D model and integrated asset inventory of the plant, however due to the plant being predominantly stainless steel (highly reflective) and being of tall stacked geometry, it was decided that a Photogrammetry solution was best deployed for this site rather than LaserScanning.

Reveal undertook an extensive Photogrammetry survey of the plant and indexed, labelled and recorded asset information for every individual component, then modelled the entire plant in 3D and integrated the asset register into the model so that at component level the plant could be queried, and individual asset records viewed for asset management purposes.

Carterton District Council Stratigraphic Survey 
CLIENT: Carterton District Council, Carterton
LOCATION: Wairarapa, NZ

Scope of project and delivery
We undertook 3D analysis of soil stratigraphy across a farm to establish a 3D model of all soil layers down to 16m, mapping the water table and unknown buried drains. In addition, we found a large gravel lens that posed a risk to the water management of the site which was subsequently added as a physical works scope item to remediate.
Reveal services used:

Bats Theatre Concrete Scanning 
CLIENT: Bats Theatre, Wellington
LOCATION: Wellington, NZ

Scope of project and delivery
Concrete scanning; we located and mapped the structure providing structural engineers with insight as to the nature of the reinforcing, and how it supported existing elements in the buiding and proposed strengthening work.
Reveal services used:

Giesen Vineyard Marlborough Stratigraphic Survey 
CLIENT: Giesen Vineyard
LOCATION: Marlborough, NZ

Scope of project and delivery
We mapped the layers of the soil of a high performing vineyard to provide insight to the vintners on the soil classifications and volume. We aim to bring a bespoke suite of services to the viticultural industry.

More on this development soon!
Reveal services used: