Every business needs a clearer picture of their risk profile.

At Reveal, we can tell you about the true state of your assets and your subsurface infrastructure.

We use the best practice techniques to eliminate the risk of damage and failure of assets. We can identify the biggest problems you might face before you even know they’re there.

We’ll help you accurately communicate your risk. When you truly understand the risks to your business, we can help you minimise these and unlock opportunities for your business.

How to reduce risk?
Remedial risk management
Where are the major sources and causes of project risks for your business?
• lack of policy/guidance
• inaccurate records
• lack of protection on assets
• varied systems and competence for digging
• culture of strike acceptance
• congested underground utility corridors
• historic assets always growing.

Top 12 project mistakes and how to avoid them:
1. Strikes from (un)known services
2. Conflicts with design during construction
3. Poor construction methods
4. Unknown asset networks
5. Poor locating conditions
6. Limitations on locating equipment
7. Lack of education/competence [who?]
8. Lack of quality, timely communication
9. Damage to utilities and interruption
10. Asset failure
11. Project costs & delays
12. Inefficient use of capital

What causes strikes from unknown services?

• Utility location did not occur

• Services are detailed on plans, but not located

• Old or redundant assets [?]

• Last-minute change in scope

• Handover was not undertaken

• Poor potholing systems

• Service locator process fault

• Unclear marking system

If you think your next infrastructure or asset management project could run the risk of strikes from unknown services, please contact our risk management team.