Reveal offers a wide range of underground location services. No matter what type of underground cables or pipes you need to locate, Reveal can do it using Electromagnetic locators. An electromagnetic locator, or pipe and cable locator, is used for tracing utility lines and metallic pipes buried underground. It consists of two parts, the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter emits a frequency selected by the operator that induces onto nearby pipes and cables. The receiver detects these frequencies and the locator can locate and trace the pipes and cables.

Location and excavation equipment


The transmitter is placed next to an access point for the target line being traced (typically a valve, utility box, utility vault, or other point where direct contact with line can be made). A connection lead from the transmitter is connected to the target line and a second lead is connected to ground. A signal is released into the utility which is then traced by the locator on the ground surface.

Reveal infrastructure uses state of the art fully-featured, multi-function RD8000 cable and pipe locator.


A pipe and cable locator does not locate buried pipes or cables, it detects a magnetic field around the line created by an alternating current flowing along the line. The magnetic field forms a signal, which is detected by the Electromagnetic locator device(wand). Induction is used when underground utilities are inaccessible. The transmitter is placed on the ground directly on top of the underground utility; then the underground line is traced as with direct connection.


A sonde has its own internal transmitter and is used to locate buried plastic water Pipes, gas Pipes and any other non-magnetic utility. Sondes are attached to a flexible rod and pushed along the pipe and its position is located from above ground. Sonde can be used to locate blockages by pushing the rod until it stops and then locating the position.

Based on our experience GPR will recover the locations of more utilities compared to an Electromagnetic Locator, the best utility survey is one which combines the strength of Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Locators.