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GeoTests App for Scala Penetrometer Testing

The Scala Penetrometer Test is used in the field to determine the penetration resistance of soil, measure bearing capacity, and for correlation to CBR. With its portability, speed and ability to penetrate down to six metres (more with extension rods) the Scala is the perfect tool for profiling soil strength at depth. We saw an opportunity to streamline Scala testing through an automated reporting system. An app seemed like the obvious solution - so we designed one.

Available to download free from the App store and Play store, Geotests makes Scala testing fast and easy. Once the test is completed, Geotests can create a detailed report - in accordance with the New Zealand Standard - within minutes. A download link to the test reports (including a pdf, xml and kml files) is then automatically generated and sent to your registered email address.

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Geotests app
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