CCTV Manager - Civil Engineer
Sami Maree

Sami has over 18 years’ experience in project management, consulting, supervision and field construction. Past roles have enabled Sami to gain competence in infrastructure works such as storm water, sewerage and water networks. Sami also has expertise in the construction of pumping stations and sewerage treatment plants, with specialist knowledge in the utilisation of the latest trenchless technologies for pipeline rehabilitation.

Projects Sami has worked on:

- Transpower NNI 3 water mapping
- Transpower CNI 3 water mapping
- Transpower water sensors technology – Bunnythorpe Substation
- Department of Corrections – Rimutaka Prison CCTV inspection
- Transpower SSI 3 water mapping
- Transpower National Seismic Upgrades Project
- Wellington Water Wallace St pipeline corridor
- Transpower Penrose Warehouse - demolition

Tech & Expertise: 
- BSc Degree in Civil Engineering – University of Jordan
- Certificate in Epros Sectional Repair Lining Systems – Trelleborg Pipe Seals Gateshead
- Certificate in Bodus Housliner Process Engineering for House Sewer Systems - Bodus GMBH
- Confined Spaces and Gas Detection Units 17599, 18426, 25510 = Safety ‘N’ Action
- First Aid Level 2
- Transpower SE Level 1
- Transpower SE Level 2
- IBAK (PANORAMO & Tractor) operation systems
- Certificate in Operation, Maintenance & Safety of HB80 Hydro Burst Machine – VERMEER Middle East FZCO – Dubai
- Certificate in New Zealand Pipe Inspection Management (Coding & Operation) – ProjectMax