Utility Mark-Outs

We're ground penetrating radar (GPR), MAG & RF specialists

As one of the most experienced underground services locators in New Zealand, we've been engaged for a wide range of subsurface utility locating projects that include:

> Nationwide Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout
> Full site utility location and mapping
Road corridor mapping
Route investigation and design
> Site clearance – general excavation works
> Site clearance – test pits, drilling and boreholes
> Utility protection consulting

Depending on your requirements, we can:

> Mark the utility locations at your site
> Provide a post locate report
> Sketch your utilities onto existing site plans
> Perform accurate and detailed topographical surveys of identified site utilities
Deliver CAD files
Overlay CAD files onto existing plans, maps or aerial photos

We provide assistance in the following locate & mark out activities:

> Utility Detection
> Utility Avoidance
> Permit to Dig Management
> Standover Support
> Reporting of Investigations

We're also B4UDIG certified locators.
Utility detection
We use several techniques to minimise your risk of striking underground utilities.

Before any work gets underway, service plans must be obtained and studied.

We then use EML (electromagnetic locate) to identify metallic utilities such as power and telecommunications. Other utilities can also be located with this method if the pipe and/or cable has been laid with a trace wire.

For non-metallic pipes or cables, we bring out our GPR (ground penetration radar) unit. This 450mhz antenna has the capability to penetrate the sub surface down to 6m (subject to ground conductivity/conditions).

Once the mark-out is complete, we then have a site walkover to discuss our findings.
Utility Detection Process
Utility avoidance
Our skilled technicians undertake the SUE process to interpret the presence of a subsurface utility and mark its approximate horizontal position on the ground surface or on above-ground surface markers. Our technicians understand and use a wide range of geophysical techniques and technologies.
Permit to dig management
We manage the process of exposing and recording the precise vertical and horizontal location of your utilities. This can also include the utility size and configuration.
Standover support
We undertake the process of surveying, designating and locating your utilities. This information is transferred to you in the agreed format, e.g. CAD or GIS files.
Reporting of investigations
This is the process of using conflict analysis techniques to evaluate and compare data captured during the project with the proposed works. This allows project stakeholders to consider options and costs to resolve any identified and potential conflicts.

Reveal can act as lead consultant and manage the entire SUE project. We have a number of partners and contractors who assist with carrying out all SUE activities on a project.

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Our paint
Soppec spray paint
We care about our environmental impact, and do what we can to minimise our carbon footprint - including choosing products and suppliers who share this value.

Our guys need to put a lot of paint on the ground carrying out utility mark outs - so we choose to use Vanguard Soppec Spot Marking Paint. It's recognised globally as the safest and most environmentally responsible paint - and we wouldn't use anything else. 

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