Our methodology for undertaking Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) projects is based on the standard guidelines produced by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

This guideline is widely accepted as the global standard for SUE.

SUE is a branch of engineering practise that involves managing certain risks associated with utility mapping. We ensure the right quality levels are in place for utility coordination, condition assessment, communication of utility data, relocation cost estimates, accommodation policies, and utility design.
  • Utility mapping
  • Utility coordination
  • Utility condition assessment
  • Utility data collection & communication
  • Utility design
> Planning and Development of SUE Scope
We assist with the planning and development stages of a SUE project which can include developing and writing the project management plan. This consists of the scope of work, confirming the desired quality levels, project schedule and appropriate project delivery method.
> Designating
Our skilled technicians undertake the SUE process to interpret the presence of a subsurface utility and mark its approximate horizontal position on the ground surface or on above-ground surface markers. Our technicians understand and use a wide range of geophysical techniques and technologies.
> Locating
We manage the process of exposing and recording the precise vertical and horizontal location of your utilities. This can also include the utility size and configuration.
> Data Management

We undertake the process of surveying, designating and locating your utilities. This information is transferred to you in the agreed format, e.g. CAD, GIS or BIM formats.

> Conflict Analysis

This is the process of using conflict analysis techniques to evaluate and compare data captured during the project with the proposed works. This allows project stakeholders to consider options and costs to resolve any identified and potential conflicts.

Reveal can act as lead consultant and manage the entire SUE project. We have a number of partners and contractors who assist with carrying out all SUE activities on a project.

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