The short story

We consult on;

> As-building

> Policy

> Data warehouse / storage

> 3 water meta-data standard data collection

> Permit to dig

> Workflow & methodology & guidelines
> Audit & data insight

> Subsurface utility engineering procurement guidelines

> Utility locator procurement guidelines

> Utility locating standards

> Asset management data collection strategy

> Asset management data gap analysis

The long story

"Consulting. It’s such a broad term and explains nothing about what it is, what we do and how we help our clients. So first, here’s WHY we need to consult for our clients.

Statistics would be great to communicate this point, but there is a miniscule amount of accurate and trustworthy data on this.

Many, many, many asset owners face this reality; they

> Don’t know where their assets are (both geographically and spatially)

> Don’t know where their assets are in relation to other assets

> Don’t know the condition of their assets

> Don’t know the likelihood of their assets failing

> Don’t understand the consequence of their assets failing

If the response is, “That’s not us, we have as-builts”, then there is a 0% chance that as-builts alone will manage all of the aforementioned unknowns and potential lack of knowledge. The reality we face is that a significant amount of buried infrastructure assets are older than the 1980’s. Why does that particular decade matter? Because that’s when the digital world started to enable CAD drawings and records to be stored on computers. The tricky thing is that this transition was mostly handled poorly.

Previously, draftspeople had complete ownership over their facilities and were the conduit / axis between new information on the assets and what was being constructed.

So why is all of this relevant? This is relevant, because there is a cataclysmic lack of data on existing assets. Reveal collects data. We know what’s missing, and how to get it. But that’s the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff. We’re more interested in helping asset owners efficiently populate data as assets are being installed and accurately reflecting what’s being installed. We help asset owners populate their own data through establishing solid practices and methodologies."

Sam Wiffen - Managing Director 
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